Ballreich’s Potato Chips – Smokey Sweet Mesquite

Sadly, I’m nearing the end of my journey through eating 7 different flavored chips from Ballreich’s. Happily, these smokey sweet barbecue chips are definitely one of my favorites.

Like the other Ballreich chips I’ve tried, the chips themselves are great. Thick. Wavy (er.. marcelled, named after a popular 1920s wavy hairstyle). Crunchy. And they taste like potatoes.

Ballreich's Potato Chips - Smokey Sweet Mesquite
Prior to smokey sweet barbecue, I’d have to say that the sour cream and onion was my favorite flavor. Ballreich’s makes another BBQ-flavored chip, but it is more edgy and tangy. The smokey sweet barbecue chips are just that. Smooth, with a little smoke and a hint of sweet. This is a great chip. Great for parties or the big game, or anything.

So, on the Life’s A Tomato ‘Mater Rater scale, I gave these chips:

Texture: Outstanding crunch. Not oily.
Flavor: Great potato flavor with a mild, sweet smokey BBQ.
Quality: Decent. Some chips had more seasoning than others.
Appeal: A hefty, thick chip that held up to shipping. Nice, no-thrills packaging that looks kind of old-school.

'Mater Rater

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