Kernel Season’s – Bacon Cheddar (on popcorn)

A blog I follow (I can’t recall which now) mentioned Kernel Season’s popcorn seasoning the other day. I went to their website, and seeing all the different flavors, had to order all 20 varieties to try out. I figured, worst case is I end up eating a lot of popcorn!

The seasonings arrived very quickly (they come from Illinois, so it’s not that far to travel). They were well packaged. I figured for starters, I’d do something simple and try the bacon cheddar flavor on some Black Jewell popcorn popped in my Wabash Valley Farms Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper.

Kernel Season's - Bacon Cheddar (on popcorn)I sprinkled some bacon cheddar over the popcorn (it comes out fast, so be ready for it!) and dug in. I was half expecting some overly cheddary, fake, horridly cakey stuff that would eventually be thrown out. Oh no, not at all! This stuff is outstanding! The flavors were spot on. Not heavy. Not candy-like. Just crisp and clean. I was very happy (I mean, just think… I could’ve been stuck with 20 bottles!). I actually ended up making another batch of popcorn, it was just that good!

Of course, you can use Kernel Season’s on something other than popcorn. I did, and I’ll be posting some of them in the coming days.

Oh, and some of Kernel Season’s flavorings are available in your local grocery store, right by the popcorn.

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