Boscoli Olive Salad

I usually make my own olive salad (mostly for muffuletta sandwiches). But a few of the blogs I follow have been mentioning how good Boscoli’s is, so I picked up two large jars of it the last time we were at Jungle Jim’s International Market outside of Cincinnati.

Boscoli Olive SaladThis stuff is fantastic. It is soooo good on a muffuletta panini! Oh, and I also picked up a few bottles of Boscoli’s dirty martini olive juice, which makes for a mighty fine dirty martini! Give Boscoli’s a try you’ll be happy you did!

On the ‘Mater Rater scale I give this olive salad solid 4s across the board. Why not all 5s? Well, because my homemade, fresh version is better (though it does take a lot of time to make!).

'Mater Rater

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