Weber Burger and Slider Presses

I often grind my own burger and make my own patties and sliders. But, sometimes I’m in a hurry, or I have to make a lot of burgers. That’s why I have (and love) the Weber Original Burger Press and the¬†Weber Original Slider Press.

Weber Burger and Slider PressesThese things work great. You can make a lot of burgers in a short amount of time. Each burger comes out the same as the last. And as an added bonus, the burger press also puts a slight dimple in the middle of the patties so they don’t balloon up on the grill. The burger press makes a single 1/4 pound or 1/2 pound patty at a time, while the slider press makes 2 1/8th pound (2 ounce) patties at a time.

Weber Burger and Slider PressesI have found that these presses work best if you first put down a piece of wax paper over the bottom of the form. Then, add the measured meat amount, and another piece of wax paper. Place the top on and press down, beginning on one side and sort of rolling around the sides to push the meat out to all of the edges. Then push down in the middle of the press on the knob. Pull the top off and remove the patty – it doesn’t stick because of the wax paper, which you can use over and over several times before it gets a little torn.

Oh and another bonus is that these presses are completely dishwasher safe!

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