Coca Cola Portable Grill

We were down at the Persimmon Festival in Mitchell, Indiana a while back, waiting on the parade to start when my youngest nephew asked if I wanted to go “up town” and hit some of the antique stores. “Sure”, I said, and off we went. Well, wouldn’t you know that the first antique store we walked into had this little old¬†Coca Cola portable grill sitting in the back. I wasn’t going to get it, but my nephew convinced me that I should get it and that if I didn’t, I would regret it. So, I bought it.

Coca Cola Portable Grill

I fired it up a few days ago. It worked like a charm. It’s about the same cooking area as my Weber Smokey Joe, one of my favorite grills. Perfect for a picnic or lunch for 1 or 2. It’s portable, and light. A bit too light in that the metal is pretty thin, so I don’t expect it to last a lifetime. It had been used a few times, which surprised me. A lot of times people get these kinds of collectibles and never use them. If you ever see me buy a grill and not use it (which reminds me…. I haven’t used the 1960s fireplace grill I found), slap me. Gently, but still slap me.

Turns out this grill is actually part of a picnic set put out by Coca Cola (I have not found out the year yet) that also included a small cooler and grill tool set. So, I’m on a mission now to get the rest of the set. Who knows, maybe I’ll find it at the next antique mall we visit.

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  1. Hi. I’ve been researching this exact grill and I can’t find much information on it. I’d like to find out the year it was released. If you have any information, I’d appreciate hearing back from you. Thanks, kim

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