Vintage 1977 Li’l Smoker BBQ Grill

I picked up this never-used old vintage 1977 Li’l smoker BBQ grill in the original box off eBay a while back. I finally got it all together (there were a few stripped bolts that I needed to replace) and fired it up yesterday for the inaugural burn. The grill has latches that close up the entire unit, making it highly portable. It’s only about 2′ tall, and is light as a feather.

Vintage 1977 Li'l Smoker BBQ GrillThe smoker has two levels, and can be used for direct heat grilling or slow smoking, with a pan below for charcoal and one above for water (or any heat sink like sand).

Vintage 1977 Li'l Smoker BBQ GrillI decided to just load it up with some charcoal and let it burn for a while to get rid of the ‘new’. Then I threw two sirloin filets on for a quick lunch.

Vintage 1977 Li'l Smoker BBQ GrillHeat control was a little non-existent (I’m spoiled by the adjustments I can make on my Weber charcoal grills), but everything came out fine. I’m not sure I’d put a real expensive cut of meat on it without some more experience under my belt, but it’ll do just fine for sausages, hot dogs, or burgers for now.

And hey, check out the original flyer! Ya gotta love the 70s!

Vintage 1977 Li'l Smoker BBQ GrillThe Li’l Smoker is a fun old grill. It’s a welcomed addition to my growing collection of vintage small grills.

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4 thoughts on “Vintage 1977 Li’l Smoker BBQ Grill

  1. Nice score. It’s nice to have extra grills for variety. Some days I’m sad I gave up my offset smoker and gas grill. Been kicking around the idea of picking up a cheap charcoal grill for fun.

  2. My wife got ours at a yard sale for $5. Does anyone know if there is a ring to hold the charcoal pan when it is at it lowest level? smoked a pork roast and then some boneless skinless chicken breasts. Outstanding!

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