Citizen Hash Food Truck

To say we’re fans of the Citizen Hash Food Truck would be an understatement. Now, we’ve only eaten there a few times, but each time the food was fantastic. And the window service was very pleasant. Citizen Hash Food Truck

The Spring Hash…

Anita absolutely loved the spring hash. The combination of yummy potatoes, crumbled Italian sausage, kale, asparagus and onion is so tasty. So good that in fact that I made a copycat version of it. Anita opted to not get her hash with an egg on top. Next time, she’ll be getting the egg. An oozy gooey egg yolk would cap this dish off perfectly. Citizen Hash Food Truck

Korean BBQ Tacos…

I ordered 3 Korean BBQ tacos. I may have to stop typing for a second… I’m having food flashbacks… Whew.

Ok, I’m back. These tacos are insanely good. I could eat an embarrassing number of these in one meal. I can’t recommend these tacos enough. Citizen Hash Food TruckAs I’ve said, I’m a huge fan of food trucks, and Citizen Hash is an excellent example of why. Great food. Great service. They nailed it all on the ‘Mater Rater'Mater Rater Restaurant Score 5-5-5-5.I love my Indianapolis food trucks. Sometimes they come and go, sometimes they turn into brick-and-mortar restaurants, sometimes their names change, and sometimes they last and last, serving up good food every time. Check out my favorites: Big Ron’s Bistro, Byrne’s Grilled Pizza, Chef Dan’s Southern Comfort, Citizen Hash, Cutie Pies, Der Pretzel Wagen, Droopy’s, KG Slider Station, Little Eataly, Mac Genie, R & R Extreme Wings, Rollin Wit Da Roux, Serendipity, The Flying Cupcake, NY Slice¬†and Groovy Guys Fries.

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