The NY Slice Pizza Food Truck

Mmmmm. Real NY-style pizza, right here in Indy from the NY Slice Pizza food truck. Big ole slices that look, smell and taste so good. Yummy gooey cheese and great toppings. And yes, you do have to fold them. It’s the proper thing to do.

The NY Slice Pizza Food TruckHave you ever licked your cell phone case? Well, I had to. I was driving home with a couple slices of NY Slice pepperoni pizza when I had to make a sudden stop. My phone popped out of the console onto one of the slices of pizza. When I lifted it up it was dripping with yummy cheese. What, did you think I’d just wipe it off? Heck no, that’s good eats!

Pepperoni slice. Man, doesn’t that look good?

The NY Slice Pizza Food TruckSupreme slice. Fresh toppings, steaming hot right out of the oven on the truck.

The NY Slice Pizza Food TruckI give NY Slice (find them on Twitter, Facebook and the web) high marks on the ‘Mater Rater. My only complaint is that boxes for the pizza weren’t available on the truck. No biggie, but it made taking 8 slices home a little difficult. I would’ve gladly paid a bit extra for a box.

Next time I will give their wings a try!

'Mater Rater Restaurant Score 5-4-5-5

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