Byrne’s Grilled Pizza Food Truck

Byrne’s Grilled Pizza food truck has been on my food truck bucket list for a while, and thankfully, yesterday was the day I was finally able to catch up to it. And boy am I glad I did.

Although Bryne’s also serves stromboli, I was there for the personal-sized pizza.¬†The pizzas are 10″ big, the perfect size for one for lunch or dinner. They are grilled on grills on the back of the trailer.

Byrne's Pizza Food TruckI ordered two pizzas. It took only minutes between giving my order and getting my pizza. The crust is super thin and really crunchy, which I really love. The toppings were fresh and tasty, specially the Italian sausage.

Byrne's Grilled Pizza Food TruckYou can tell that the dough is scratch made. No machine-made, mass-produced pizzas here.

Byrne's Grilled Pizza Food TruckByrne’s is another example of the great food trucks we have here in Indianapolis. I encourage you to give them a try if you haven’t already. You’ll find a great variety in menus and really, really nice people. If you’re new to the food truck scene, give a Cluster Truck a shot. You’ll find multiple trucks at one spot. You’re sure to find something (or many things) that you’ll love.

Bryne’s nailed it on the ‘Mater Rater. Great pizza, great staff.

'Mater Rater Restaurant Score 5-5-5-5I love my Indianapolis food trucks. Sometimes they come and go, sometimes they turn into brick-and-mortar restaurants, sometimes their names change, and sometimes they last and last, serving up good food every time.

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