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Oh, how I dread colder days. Not so much because it’s grey and gloomy, but because most food trucks go into hibernation during winter. Fortunately, I took plenty of pics of the food from various Indy food trucks to help get me through. Like the wonderful sliders from the KG Slider Station, which I’ve visited many times.

KG Slider Station Food TruckAlthough their menu includes dishes other than sliders, I’m all over the sliders. The Cajun Pulled Pork (left) had just the right amount of sauce and spice, with a great slaw to cool it down. The Southern Belle Rosemary Chicken (right) is my favorite. Creamy roasted chicken with a sweet and tart mayonnaise sauce that is really great.

KG Slider Station Food TruckThe Station Turkey Burger (left) was a wonderful surprise. Turkey burgers can be tricky, but these are great. Topped with caramelized onions and my other favorite, a blackberry BBQ sauce (which probably should be sold by the bottle). And of course, there’s Grandma’s Old Timer Burger. A slider burger patty with the (fresh) toppings you’d expect from a great diner.

KG Slider Station Food TruckThe buns from the KG Slider Station are always sooooo fresh. They’re like little slider pillows. And I know it’s weird, but I really love that they have a TV screen showing the menu items and pictures above the ordering window. It’s very easy to read.

I’m a big fan of the KG Slider Station. As you can tell by my rating of them on the ‘Mater Rater.

'Mater Rater Restaurant Score 5-5-4-5

I love my Indianapolis food trucks. Sometimes they come and go, sometimes they turn into brick-and-mortar restaurants, sometimes their names change, and sometimes they last and last, serving up good food every time. Check out my favorites: Big Ron’s Bistro, Byrne’s Grilled Pizza, Chef Dan’s Southern Comfort, Citizen Hash, Cutie Pies, Der Pretzel Wagen, Droopy’s, KG Slider Station, Little Eataly, Mac Genie, R & R Extreme Wings, Rollin Wit Da Roux, Serendipity, The Flying Cupcake, NY Slice¬†and Groovy Guys Fries.

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