Waffled Sausage Patties

I usually pan fry my breakfast sausage patties. Sometimes I’ll cook them in the oven, but I prefer pan frying. I don’t like the mess, though. The splatter. The grease. So, when I came across this approach to cooking up sausages using a waffle iron I just had to try it. Waffled sausage patties… who knew?

Waffled Sausage PattiesIn about 3 minutes you will have perfectly cooked waffled sausage patties, with a little bit of a crust to them. You know what I mean. GBD. Golden Brown Delicious. I don’t trust sausages that don’t have a bit of crust to them. It’s just not normal.

I can cook four sausages at a time on our little round Cuisinart waffle maker, which is perfect for the two of us. Cleanup was very easy, too!

Looking for something new to cook on your waffle iron? Try these awesome waffled French fries or these great waffle iron cinnamon rolls! They all go great with my Silver Dollar pancakes.

Waffled Sausages

Course Side
Cuisine American
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 3 minutes
Total Time 8 minutes
Servings 2
Author Mike


  • 4 sausage patties


  • Heat your waffle iron on high.
  • Add patties to iron and close lid. Do not press down on the lid.
  • Cook about 3 minutes or until internal temperature of the sausages reaches 165 F.

2 thoughts on “Waffled Sausage Patties

  1. I am cooking awesome hamburgers and cheeseburgers on my Belgian waffle maker. For hamburgers, just season the way you normally would, then pat them into the size patties you want. I do quarter pounder and half pounder sizes. Make them as you usually do (as if you were going to place them in a frying pan).
    For cheeseburgers, divide the meat for each patty in half and pat each half into the size patties you want. Then lay a slice or two of your favorite cheese onto one of the patty halves. Lay the other half of the patty on top of the cheese and pat/pinch the ends all around the patty so that the cheese can’t ooze out. (I find this works easier if I make the top half slightly larger than the bottom half).
    For both hamburgers and cheeseburgers, preheat your waffle maker. I turn the button until it’s halfway between off and high. Let it preheat while you make your burgers. When ready, place one burger on the waffle maker, close the lid on it. I press the lid down a little bit. The lid will NOT be entirely closed. That’s ok. It will still cook your burgers just fine. I like my burgers to be pink (not rare) in the middle, so I cook them for 3 minutes exactly. Remove the first burger and place the second one on the waffle maker, close the lid and cook that one for another 3 minutes. In 6 minutes you will have two thick hamburgers or cheeseburgers without having grease spatter all over your stove. The cheese inside the cheeseburgers will be entirely hot and melted, so be careful when you bite in. This is a great way to make burgers for one person or even a few people.
    When finished, turn off the waffle maker and let cool. I wipe out the grease with a dry paper towel. Then I wipe it’s upper and lower interior clean with a slightly soapy paper towel. Rinse it by wiping it with another, wet paper towel, then wipe it dry and put it away. Fast, easy.

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