Easy Turkey Roast on the Char-Broil Big Easy

Turkey roasts from Butterball are a really great way to cook up turkey in no time at all. They’re pretty much no-fuss. Defrost, season, cook, eat. The roasts are already brined, so you don’t have to mess with that either.

In keeping with the easy theme, I decided to cook a roast on my Char-Broil Big Easy. It was my first time (I usually cook full turkeys or bone-in turkey breasts), and I have to say, wow, that was easy! I literally just put a seasoned defrosted roast in the cooker and went away for 45 minutes. I came back to dinner. Well, ok, almost dinner. I made a batch of my delicious (and also easy) Cajun gravy, some stuffing, and green beans. Then I had dinner.

Easy Turkey Roast on the Char-Broil Big EasyYou don’t have to worry about this turkey roast drying out on the Char-Broil Big Easy. Just like with all other things poultry, the Big Easy cooks the roast up evenly and without losing all those great juices.

I seasoned the roast with my Fire-Eater rub, which might not be for everyone, and is definitely not ‘Thanksgivingy’. Substitute your favorite seasoning. Salt and pepper are great by themselves, so no need to use anything fancy. I also made another turkey roast a few days later that I first injected with Texas butter (any injectable butter-based sauce will do). It was really fantastic too! Whole chicken is just as easy, too.

Looking for the perfect dessert to cook in the Big Easy? Try my mini pumpkin cheesecakes. They also take only minutes to cook (they do need to chill before serving), but boy, are they ever fantastic!

Love your Big Easy as much I love mine? Check out my Big Easy Add-Ons page and my free Big Easy eCookbook!

Easy Turkey Roast on the Char-Broil Big Easy

Course Main
Cuisine American
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Servings 3 pounds
Author Mike



  • Fire up your Char-Broil Big Easy.
  • Remove the roast from the bag. Do not remove it from the twine netting.
  • Sprinkle your rub on all sides of the roast, rubbing it in as you go.
  • Place roast in the Big Easy basket and lower into the cooker.
  • After 45 minutes, begin checking the meat temperature every 5 minutes or so. Once it reaches 165 F remove the roast.
  • Let rest 15 minutes before slicing.

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  1. I am planning on this tomorrow.. I will let you know how it comes out.. I do a lot of cooking on the Big Easy I have never done a roast. It makes sense as it matches the chicken-Ribs-Loins that I do.


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