Dehydrated Mushrooms on the Nesco Snackmaster Pro

I’ve really been enjoying my Nesco Snackmaster Pro dehydrator. I’m always looking for more things to dry, taking advantage of anything in season or fresh. I recently grabbed a few pounds of oyster and shiitake mushrooms with the goal of drying them for later use in stir-fries or soups. I found that drying them is incredibly easy. Rinse, dry, slice (if you want) and dry. Done.
Dehydrated Mushrooms on the Nesco Snackmaster ProI store the dehydrated mushrooms in resealable baggies or Mason jars. Whenever I need them I just grab them and toss them into the dish. If the recipe I’m using them in doesn’t contain a lot of liquid that can be used to re-hydrate the mushrooms I’ll first toss them into some warm water for a few minutes.

If you decide to slice your mushrooms don’t cut them too small. They shrink a lot as they dry, and if you cut them too small they will crumble too easily and can fall thru the holes in the trays on the Nesco Snackmaster Pro. I prefer to keep the mushrooms as whole as possible since you never know how you might use the mushrooms in the end. You can always cut the larger pieces later, but you can’t make the smaller pieces bigger!

You can dehydrate darn near anything on a Nesco Snackmaster Pro. Even marshmallows.

Dehydrated Mushrooms on the Nesco Snackmaster Pro

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 8 hours
Total Time 8 hours 15 minutes
Author Mike


  • Mushrooms


  • Rinse the mushrooms.
  • Trim any hard stems. Slice if desired.
  • Pat mushrooms dry and place on screens on the Nesco trays. Do not overlap.
  • Set the dehydrator to 100 F and dry for 8 hours, checking on the mushrooms after 6 hours. Thinner smaller mushrooms will dry sooner.
  • Remove when mushrooms are as dry as you want. Store in an air-tight container, such as a jar with a lid.

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