Smoked Eggs

I’m not sure why I was hankerin’ for egg salad, but I was. But I figured it was time for a little twist on the ole classic, so I decided to fire up my smoker with a few charcoal briquettes and a chunk of apple wood and make smoked eggs. I figured a little smoky flavor would really make for a special egg salad. I was right.
Smoked EggsEggs are also a great thing to toss (er, gently of course) onto your smoker after you’ve finished smoking a pork butt, ribs, brisket or whatever, and you still have a good fire going. They take just two hours. They can have just a hint of smokiness (use a small chunk of light wood). Or they can have a stronger smoke flavor (use hickory). But be careful because it doesn’t take much smoke to overdo it.

Smoked eggs make for great egg salad club sandwiches. Also try my Dragon eggs and smoked Scotch eggs.

Smoked Eggs

Cook Time 14 hours
Total Time 14 hours
Author Mike


  • Eggs


  • Fire up your smoker for smoking 225 F - 250 F.
  • Use a light smoking wood, such as apple. I used one fish-sized chunk of wood, which produced a lightly smoky flavored egg. Use more for stronger flavors.
  • Smoke for 2 hours.
  • Remove, let cool slightly then transfer to a fridge overnight.
  • Peel and eat.

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