Droopy’s BBQ Food Truck

I’m happy grabbing lunch or dinner off of a food truck. I’m even happier when the food truck is right by my house. And I’m flat out ecstatic when the food is absolutely fantastic. Like the last few lunches I’ve gotten from Droopy’s BBQ food truck right here in Indianapolis. Right off the bat I was happy that Droopy’s puts their sauces right out on the table. Get what you need. No begging for more sauce at the window. There are three: a sweet Memphis sauce, a Carolina vinegar sauce, and my all-time fav, a kicked up habanero sauce. Next up, service. Service with a smile. Happy service. My kind of service.
The brisket sandwich is just to die for. No skimpy serving size here. No dry meat. No thick chunks of fat. Perfectly smoked and seasoned brisket. Tender, oh so tender.¬† I grabbed some sauces and slammed this baby down like I hadn’t eaten in a month. It was delicious!
Not enough BBQ joints serve rib tips. I actually prefer them over pork ribs. Tender and lightly smoked I eat them like popcorn: one after another. Look how many of those gorgeous rip tips you get from Droopy’s. You aren’t going away hungry, that’s for sure. You’re going away happy.
I’ve tried a few of Droopy’s sides and I like them all. By far my favorites are the BBQ baked beans (nice spiciness with BBQ mixed in) and the spicy coleslaw (definitely a kick!). I cannot wait for Droopy’s BBQ food truck to return to a place near me. I’ll be there early.

Droopy’s BBQ rates high on my ‘Mater Rater. But you probably already knew that.

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