Pizza Rolls using the Vortex

I make a lot of chicken on my Vortex. Wings and ‘fried’ chicken are my favorites. And sometimes there’s a bit of space left around the grill. That’s when Totino’s pizza rolls make an appearance. Nothing fru-fru, nothing complicated. But, oh so tasty. Roasting them using the Vortex gives them an extra-special crunchiness that you just can’t get in the oven.
Pizza Rolls using the Vortex

Pizza rolls using the Vortex don’t take as long as chicken to cook, so you can either put them on later if you want them with your chicken, or start them at the same time so you have a little treat to much on while the chicken is finishing. If you are sharing space on the grill with raw chicken make sure that the rolls and chicken don’t touch. I like to put them on opposite sides of the grill.

I like to serve my pizza rolls with a bit of warmed pizza sauce for dipping.

Also try chicken fingers on the Vortex.

Pizza Rolls using the Vortex

Course Appetizer
Cuisine American
Cook Time 25 minutes
Author Mike


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