Kernel Season’s Barbecue on Oyster Crackers

I’m addicted to putting Kernel Season’s barbecue flavoring on oyster crackers. They’re very easy to make, and very tasty. I love the crunch of oyster crackers, and they get even crunchier after being baked. These barbecue oyster cracker always disappear … Continue reading

Kernel Season’s Ranch on Oyster Crackers

Kernel Season’s makes some might fine popcorn seasonings. Well, they aren’t just for popcorn actually, even though I usually find them at the local IMAX theatre or in the popcorn aisle at the grocery store. But, they have lots of … Continue reading

Kernel Season’s – Nacho Cheddar (on oyster crackers)

This is the second flavor of Kernel Season’s I’ve tried from my 20 pack. The first, bacon cheddar, was outstanding on freshly popped popcorn. This time I thought I’d try something a little different. The recipe for these nacho cheddar … Continue reading

Sriracha Oyster Cracker Bites

After making (and devouring) a big batch of my Sriracharitos (Sriracha-flavored tortilla chips) the other day, I still had Sriracha snacks on the brain. I noticed a bag of oyster crackers in the pantry, so the next step was pretty … Continue reading