Droopy’s BBQ Food Truck

I’m happy grabbing lunch or dinner off of a food truck. I’m even happier when the food truck is right by my house. And I’m flat out ecstatic when the food is absolutely fantastic. Like the last few lunches I’ve gotten from Droopy’s BBQ food truck right here in Indianapolis.

Right off the bat I was happy that Droopy’s puts their sauces right out on the table. Get what you need. No begging for more sauce at the window. There are three: a sweet Memphis sauce, a Carolina vinegar sauce, and my all-time fav, a kicked up habanero sauce.

Next up, service. Service with a smile. Happy service. My kind of service.
Droopy's BBQ Food TruckThe brisket…

The brisket sandwich is just to die for. No skimpy serving size here, no dry meat and no thick chunks of fat. Perfectly smoked and seasoned brisket. Tender, oh so tender.

I grabbed some sauces and slammed this baby down like I hadn’t eaten in a month. It was delicious!
Droopy's BBQ Food TruckThe rib tips…

Not enough BBQ joints serve rib tips. I actually prefer them over pork ribs. Tender and lightly smoked I eat them like popcorn: one after another. Look how many of those gorgeous rip tips you get from Droopy’s.

You aren’t going away hungry, that’s for sure. You’re going away happy.
Droopy's BBQ Food TruckThe sides…

I’ve tried a few of Droopy’s BBQ food truck sides and I like them all. By far my favorites are the BBQ baked beans (nice spiciness with BBQ mixed in) and the spicy coleslaw (definitely a kick!). I cannot wait for Droopy’s BBQ food truck to return to a place near me. I’ll be there early.

The verdict…

Droopy’s BBQ rates high on my ‘Mater Rater. But you probably already knew that.

'Mater RaterI love my Indianapolis food trucks. Sometimes they come and go, sometimes they turn into brick-and-mortar restaurants, sometimes their names change, and sometimes they last and last, serving up good food every time. Check out my favorites: Big Ron’s Bistro, Byrne’s Grilled Pizza, Chef Dan’s Southern Comfort, Citizen Hash, Cutie Pies, Der Pretzel Wagen, Droopy’s, KG Slider Station, Little Eataly, Mac Genie, R & R Extreme Wings, Rollin Wit Da Roux, Serendipity, The Flying Cupcake, NY Slice and Groovy Guys Fries.

Springfield Ohio Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition 2016

Anita and I just returned from our first trip to the Springfield Ohio Rotary Gourmet Food truck competition. Man, what a great trip! The competition is held in a nice park in down Springfield, alongside a slow-flowing creek with lots of trees. Over 30 trucks were on site, lining a street through the park. As you can expect, just about every cuisine you could imagine was available, from BBQ to pizza to crab cakes to Korean tacos. The trucks were competing for a $10,000 first prize, which is huge, so you know they all brought their A-game and the best foods you can get!

Springfield Ohio Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition 1 We got to the event just as it opened and it got busy and crowded fast! I was able to sneak in a few pictures before the lines got long.

Springfield Ohio Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition 2The event location is quite ideal. They had a stage set up for live music, which was quite enjoyable to listen to while devouring a few loaded gyros from the Pitabilities truck that were the best either of us had ever had. The toppings screamed fresh.

Springfield Ohio Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition 6Another really great thing about the event were the facilities. From the picnic tables to restrooms, it was all very pleasant. There was parking on-site, or up the street at the hospital.

Springfield Ohio Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition 5We enjoyed a few trucks, then grabbed a pepperoni pizza from the Raging Bull Wood-Fired pizza truck to take home for dinner back in Indianapolis.

Springfield Ohio Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition 3And believe it or not, I ended up getting interviewed by the Springfield-News Sun paper about the food truck event! How cool is that?

Springfield Ohio Rotary Gourmet Food Truck Competition 4I cannot wait to return next year! We also enjoy the Union Centre Food Truck Rally, held just north of Cincinnati every year.

Union Centre Food Truck Rally 2016

Anita and I just returned from the 2016 Union Centre Food Truck Rally. Over 40 of the most amazing food trucks in one place just north of Cincinnati, Ohio, the rally was enough to bring tears to this foodie’s eye. Truck after truck, cuisine after cuisine. It’s hard to describe, but I’ll try.

Time for lunch…

I should start by saying we were at the rally for lunch. The event actually goes on through the night, culminating in a fireworks display. Beer and music are available all day. Me, I was there for the food trucks, so we got there early so I could get some pictures, but the crowds got big and got big fast.

Union Centre Food Truck Rally 2Tons of trucks….

The trucks were arranged down three streets, noted as green, blue and red. There’s something for everyone. I’ll start by highlighting some of the trucks we ate at, and then follow up with pics of the other various trucks (not all of them). You can’t go wrong at the food truck rally. Great food, great folks.

Let’s get going…

So for starters we grabbed some fried crushed potatoes at the Street Chef Brigade truck. Buttery yellow potatoes cooked then crushed and (I think) flash-fried. Topped with the best combination of cheeses, truffle oil and fresh herbs. Addicting.

Union Centre Food Truck Rally 6More food…

Next, I grabbed an Italian sausage dog at U-Lucky Dawg (fantastic), and headed on down the line of trucks. Anita grabbed some ice cream and I grabbed some churros.

I could not go to a food truck rally without getting chili from my favorite chili truck, the Chili Hut. I didn’t care that it was 104 out with the humidity, I was getting a few 3-way chilis. The Chili Hut was at a cluster truck at Jungle Jim’s years ago and I’ve been jonesin’ to return ever since.

Union Centre Food Truck Rally 12… and more …

Then, more truly amazing goodness at the Quite Frankly truck. I had (and devoured) the Darth Reuben, which made any other Reuben pale in comparison. I could sit down with a bowl of their homemade kraut right now. Anita had the Granny Brie, a crazy good combination of smooth brie with apple butter and Granny Smith apples. Like a dessert sandwich. Well, not like one, it was one.

Union Centre Food Truck Rally 14The food was too much to describe, with so much good stuff that you just have to go to experience it. Here are just a few of the other trucks that were at the rally. Don’t let the lack of lines fool you. We got there right at the moment the rally started. Minutes later it was busy as busy can be. So don’t be surprised to wait for your food for a few minutes. Take the time to chat with your fellow eaters or the great folks in the trucks (about the nicest people you’ll meet).

Union Centre Food Truck Rally 15 Union Centre Food Truck Rally 13 Union Centre Food Truck Rally 11 Union Centre Food Truck Rally 10 Union Centre Food Truck Rally 9 Union Centre Food Truck Rally 8 Union Centre Food Truck Rally 7 Union Centre Food Truck Rally 5 Union Centre Food Truck Rally 4 Union Centre Food Truck Rally 3 Union Centre Food Truck Rally 1See you next year!

I so cannot wait to return in 2017. Although I packed a few coolers to take food back with us, I definitely did not pack enough. Next year I’m bringing more food containers and coolers and ice.

You can follow the Union Centre Food Truck rally on their Facebook page, here. You’ll get notifications of the trucks that will be attending (so you can plan your food truck dining!).

I also recommend the short drive from West Chester up to Springfield, OH, for their yearly food truck competition.