Gumbo A Go-Go, Indianapolis, Indiana

Sadly, Gumbo A Go-Go has closed. But, you can still make my take on their Drunken Cajun Chicken Po Boy.

If you follow this blog at all you know that I love spicy foods. Not burn-my-mouth I’m-in-pain spicy, but food that is flavored well and has a kick. I like spice and I don’t like bland. The pox on bland! Spicy is exactly why I love Gumbo A Go-Go.

Gumbo A Go-Go, Indianapolis, Indiana I’ve eaten at Gumbo A Go-Go several times now. I am completely addicted to the Datwich. I could eat a Datwich every day. In fact, I have a tub of Datwich chicken in my fridge right now, just screaming “have me for lunch”. The Datwich is a po’boy topped with shredded chicken that has been slow-cooked in all sorts of good spices, garlic and beer. Spices (lots of sage!), garlic and beer… You can’t go wrong with that. It is messy. It drips yummy goodness. I love it. Make sure to snag a bag of Zapp’s potato chips, too.

I also tried a little of the Ya Ya chicken this time. Yowsa, that Ya Ya chicken has some kick. A lot of kick. I loved it!

Gumbo A Go-Go, Indianapolis, IndianaGumbo A Go-Go isn’t your black tie kind of eating establishment. It’s simply decorated. And it can get busy at lunch time. Get there early, order up a few dishes (at the counter) from the menu (on a chalk board behind the counter), and enjoy!

Gumbo A Go-Go, Indianapolis, IndianaI can’t wait to return to Gumbo A Go-Go. I’ll try something new, and grab me another pint or so of that Datwich chicken and bring it on home for dinner!

'Mater Rater

Yat’s Cajun Creole Restaurant, Indianapolis, Indiana

We love Yat’s. There’s one right by our house, has great food and staff, and a constantly rotating menu. Not long ago we grabbed an order to go to the park. This last week, we stopped by and ate in the restaurant. We got there early (rumors are that you might want to get there early to get their famous spinach and mushroom étouffée).

Anita ordered two half platters. One half of spinach and mushroom étouffée, and one half of red beans and rice. Each platter comes with a piece of bread, which makes for excellent soppin’. The soppin’ is one of the best parts since all of the sauces at Yat’s are absolutely delicious. Anita loved her lunch.

I also had the spinach and mushroom étouffée, along with a half order of chili cheese étouffée and crawfish. The crawfish étouffée is insanely good. In fact, I’m swinging by Yat’s next week to get some more. I think I might try it over French bread… sort of a crawfish po’boy. Oh, and that chili cheese sauce? Yep you guessed it. It’s excellent for soppin’ up with bread. And there’s no shortage of crawfish in this dish. Mmmm. Tasty. My mouth is watering recalling just how good it was.

It’s great to see local joints do well and turn out great food. Yat’s is definitely doing both. On the ‘Mater Rater I give Yat’s top scores across the board.

'Mater RaterIf you’re in the Indy area, you have to also eat at His Place Eatery. It’s my kind of eats too, just like Yat’s. For pizza my go-to Indy joint is Pizzology.

Boogie Burger, Indianapolis, Indiana

Sadly, Boogie Burger, like 96th Street Burgers, another favorite burger joint, is now closed. For diner-style burgers in the Indy area, visit Stookey’s in Thornburg, the Broadway Diner in Fortville,and Triple XXX in Lafayette. If you find yourself in the Knoxville, TN area, you have to stop at Scotty’s.

Boogie Burger here in Indianapolis, Indiana, has been on my to-eat list for a long time. We had this week off, so we decided to give it a try. Many of my friends have raved about it.

We both ordered the Boogie Burger with cheese.

Easily the best burger I’ve had. The seasoning was spot-on perfect. I really should’ve ordered a double. Or maybe a triple. It was just that good and it was embarrassing how quickly I ate it. I admit it. I woofed it down and moaned in happiness the entire time.

We also shared an order of garlic French fries. The fries are very addicting. They are tossed with garlic and parsley. Yes, you’ll have garlic breath (and lips) when you are done, but it is sooooo worth it.

It’s going to be difficult for me to return to Boogie Burger and order something different that we did this time. The burger and fries were just so good. This place is definitely going onto our normal eating rotation (and at the top at that).


Garrett’s Smokehouse BBQ, Indianapolis, Indiana

I’ll eat anything that’s been cooked low and slow. As a big fan of BBQ done right, I was happy to finally make it down to Garrett’s Smokehouse BBQ, which is not too far from our house here in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Garrett's Smokehouse BBQ, Indianapolis, IndianaGarrett’s is located in a little strip mall. They have a full BBQ menu – pork, chicken, brisket and even turkey. We decided to get our meal to go.

Garrett's Smokehouse BBQ, Indianapolis, IndianaAnita ordered the pulled pork sandwich with a side of mac-and-cheese. For her sauce, she went with the mild. I had the brisket sandwich with a side of spicy slaw and sweet BBQ sauce. I was already happy since the meats weren’t pre-sauced. You just never know when someone might be trying to hide poorer quality smoked meat under a sauce. Not the case at Garrett’s, that’s for sure.

The meats were smoked perfectly. You know how sometimes you get BBQ and only the first 1/2″ or so has a smoke flavor? Garrett’s BBQ had a nice (but not overwhelming) smoke flavor throughout. Both sauces were great. Really great, actually. I’m going to pick up some extra sauce next time for my own smoked ribs.

Besides the meats, the sides were also excellent. They were both made from scratch. Anita’s mac-and-cheese was smooth and cheesy. My spicy slaw was definitely spicy. I love homemade slaw – there’s such a difference between it and store-bought. I’m looking forward to trying their other sides.

We had a good meal from Garrett’s. We’ll be returning soon! It’s great to see local restaurants turn out great food like Garrett’s. Support your local chefs and cooks. And when you’re travelling, try to find a non-chain place, like Missouri Hick BBQ for much better eats than you’ll get at the familiar restaurants along the interstate. Although I do have to say that for a chain, Famous Dave’s is mighty good too!


His Place Eatery, Indianapolis, Indiana

Anita and I returned to His Place Eatery for lunch. His Place is our favorite place to eat. The food is outstanding. Funny how we first went there with a Groupon. Those usually don’t pan out. It certainly did for us.

His Place Eatery, Indianapolis, IndianaHis Place has some great lunch specials, but we had to go with the full-sized entrees. I chose one of my favorites, the smoked meatloaf (with a tangy BBQ sauce), the green beans (you have to get green beans at His Place. They are beyond good.), and the coleslaw (a sweet slaw). Everything was soooo good.

His Place Eatery, Indianapolis, IndianaAnita also had the meatloaf and green beans, with some dirty mashed potatoes (she passed on the good gravy). The potatoes are so yummy. You could just sit down with a bowl of them and a spoon and be very, very happy.

It’s been a while since our first blog post on His Place Eatery. We can’t wait to return again. I’m already thinking about getting the fried chicken again. That stuff is crazy good.

On the ‘Mater Rater scale, we like the vibe of His Place Eatery. It’s not a 5 star restaurant, it’s in a strip mall and the furnishings are minimal but that’s not a negative for us. The chef has a positive energy and is enthusiastic about his food. Service has always been prompt and friendly. The food may take a while to arrive (specially if you order the fresh-dropped chicken, but that’s what you’d expect!), but it is absolutely delicious. For the quality and portion sizes, the prices are right. Overall, a great place.

'Mater Rater

Although it’s a totally different cuisine, I also love dining at Yat’s Cajun Creole restaurant here in Indy (and other places).

DJ’s Hotdog Company, Indianapolis, Indiana

A co-worker and I ate at DJ’s Hotdog Company here on the north side of Indianapolis, Indiana, the other day. This is DJ’s 3rd location around Indianapolis. It just opened recently. After looking at the menu online, I was looking forward to eating there.

DJ's Hotdog Company, Indianapolis, IndianaYou order your dogs (they have other things, too) at the counter. All of the ingredients looked fresh. Service was fast.

DJ's Hotdog Company, Indianapolis, IndianaI ordered the jumbo Chicago dog, which comes with mustard, neon relish, onion, tomato, hot peppers, cucumber, celery salt and a pickle spear. The dog was 100% beef, on a steamed bun. I successfully crushed my bun on the way to the table. But, it was still good. And messy. Did I mention it was good? It was really good actually. I also ordered a side slaw, which was also very good.

DJ's Hotdog Company, Indianapolis, IndianaI really enjoyed my hot dog. I’m definitely looking forward to going back and trying some of the other signature dogs, or just customizing my own!


I returned to DJ’s the other day and picked up 3 dogs to take to the park for a picnic with Anita. I got a Chicago dog for Anita because I really liked the one I had on my first visit. It is a great dog.

DJ's Hotdog Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
For myself (and for sharing) I got a Jersey City dog (BBQ sauce, bacon bits and cheese):

DJ's Hotdog Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
… and an Atlanta dog (chili, cheddar, onion):

DJ's Hotdog Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
This time I got the dogs on pretzel rolls. I’m glad I did. They hold up better, especially when they had to bounce around in the car for 30 minutes. My only complaint was that I think the Jersey City dog should also be served in a Styrofoam container like the Atlanta dog as the cheese stuck to the aluminum foil wrapper.

Once again all the dogs were excellent. And so was the service. The young woman that made my dogs and rang me up was pleasant and efficient (even though the manager was getting in her way and was more interested in her Starbucks than customers. The store had just opened.).