Ballreich’s Potato Chips – Salt and Vinegar

Well, I’ve come to the end of my journey through the 7 flavors of Ballreich’s potato chips that I ordered. The sour cream and onion, cheddar and sour cream, Bar-B-Q, smoky sweet barbecue, hot-n-sassy and plain chips have all been great.

Like the other chip flavors, the salt and vinegar chips are marcelled (wavy), thick, and taste like potato chips. Like they should.

Ballreich's Potato Chips - Salt and VinegarNow, I should say I’m pretty picky about salt and vinegar chips. If they are too vinegary, I’m out. Done. Can’t stand them. There are a lot of chips on the market that overpower me with vinegar. And there are a few that I actually like. Like these.

Sure, these have some vinegar in them. They’re supposed to. And they’re also salty. Good and salty. The salt and the vinegar work well together. By golly, I found a salt and vinegar chip I can actually enjoy!

As I’ve said, all of Ballreich’s chips are great for munching or for parties. They come in big bags. They’re thick so they can handle being thrown around or a big, thick dip. And they have lots of flavors to satisfy anyone from grandma to your crazy Uncle Ted that eats raw hot peppers.

Texture: Outstanding crunch. Not oily.
Flavor: Great potato flavor with a vinegar taste that doesn’t make me cringe.
Quality: Decent. Some chips had more seasoning than others.
Appeal: A hefty, thick chip that held up to shipping. Nice, no-thrills packaging that looks kind of old-school.

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