Snyder of Berlin – Hawaiian Sweet Onion Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

We were wandering around in the chip section at Jungle Jim’s last time we were there to see if they had any chip varieties that we can’t get at our grocery store here in Indy. These Hawaiian sweet onion kettle chips from Snyder of Berlin sounded interesting, so I grabbed a bag.

Snyder of Berlin - Hawaiian Sweet Onion Kettle Cooked Potato ChipsAnd I’m glad I did! The flavor from these chips is quite unlike any chip I’ve had. It’s not chivey like say, sour cream and chive chips. And it’s not overly sweet. It’s rather good, and it almost reminds me of Vidalia onions, but with a little more sweetness. I rather enjoyed them. And to boot, they’re very crunchy.

You do come away with a little onion breath, but what did you expect from onion chips? These are great!



As an aside, I was curious about the relationship between Snyder of Berlin (maker of these fine chips), and Snyder of Hanover (maker of my favorite jalapeno preztel bites). Turns out that they were once the same company. They split ways in 1950. You can read the full history (quite interesting!) of Snyder of Berlin by clicking here.


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