“Dirty” Potato Chips – Maui Onion

Never one to sit around resting between chip ratings, I ordered a mixed box of “Dirty” potato chips. 8 different flavors of chip bliss. Getting a case of chips on your front porch almost beats Christmas morning as a kid, running downstairs to see what you got under the tree.

According to their website: “Dirty” Potato Chips was founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 1987, supplying potato chips to the tri-state area of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas (Go Hogs! – I added that part).

These chips are kettle cooked (my fav) and crunchy, but not tooth-braking crunchy. And flavor? Oh yeah, they have that!

"Dirty" Potato Chips - Maui OnionSo my second flavor to try (BBQ was the first, of course) was Maui Onion. I got hooked on Maui Onion flavors when I tried a bag of Snyder Of Berlin’s Hawaiian Sweet Onion chips. I didn’t realize how good onion-flavored chips could be. And these “Dirty” chips are no exception. Great onion flavor (not overpowering). Great potato flavor. Great crunch. Perfect!

So, on the Life’s A Tomato ‘Mater Rater scale, I gave these chips:

Texture: Outstanding crunch. Not oily.
Flavor: Great potato flavor with a mild onion flavor.
Quality: Great. The chips were evenly seasoned.
Appeal: A hefty, thick, crunchy chip that held up to shipping. Cool bag design.

'Mater Rater

I loved all of the Dirty Potato chips that I bought and devoured: Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt, Funky Fusion, Jalapeno Heat, Mesquite BBQ, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Sea Salted, Sour Cream and Onion, and Sun-Dried Tomato.

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