Broadway Diner, Fortville, Indiana

I have been hankerin’ for some good diner food lately. I mean real diner food. Old seats, old floors, old signs, and most importantly, an old flat top. Old is not bad. Old is good.

Specifically, I was hankerin’ for a griddled burger like I’d get as a kid when my grandpa would take me into town. So, when Anita and I were heading up to Pendleton, Indiana, we decided to swing by the Broadway Diner in Fortville, Indiana, and fulfill my diner food quest. And did we.

If you’re looking for a $12 burger on a chewy pretzel bun, soggy fries, $4 iced tea and mediocre service, then don’t go to the Broadway Diner. For $17 we had 2 fresh-brewed teas, grilled cheeseburgers on grilled toast with toppings, and to-die-for-diner fries.¬† And great service. All in a real diner that brought back lots of memories.

Broadway Diner, Fortville, IndianaThe place was full of what seemed to be regulars. That’s a sign that someone’s doing something right. How many times have you been to your local big city chain restaurant and recognized ANYONE? Small town diners are something we need and need bad, and not just in small towns.

Anyway, back to the food! I was soooo happy to get my burger on grilled bread! When’s the last time you had that? It wasn’t soggy, fall-apart bread. It held up to the toppings (all fresh) and the meat without even blinking. The fries… Were they frozen? Probably. Were they good? Absolutely. They were different. We didn’t ask questions. We ate. Anita’s favorite thing? They serve ketchup in cold squeeze bottles. So Anita did what you would do – drenched her fries in ketchup and she loved every minute.

We can’t speak about the rest of the Broadway Diner’s menu… yet. But we will return and try some other dishes. I think. I mean, it’d be hard not to just order the burger and fries again.

I scored the Broadway Diner very high on my ‘Mater Rater. It was exactly what I was looking for, from the food to the setting to the service.

'Mater Rater


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