Stookey’s Family Dining, Thorntown, Indiana

After last week’s great outing to a local diner, the Broadway Diner in Fortville, Indiana, I was looking forward to another diner. This time we stopped at Stookey’s Family Dining in Thorntown, Indiana. The diner is located on main street in quaint downtown Thorntown.

Stookey's Family Dining, Thorntown, IndianaOnce again we were the only ones in the restaurant. Our friendly waitress greeted us and told us to sit wherever we wanted.

Stookey's Family Dining, Thorntown, IndianaI had read online that the onion rings at Stookey’s Family Dining in Thorntown (just northwest of Indianapolis, Indiana), are fantastic, so I ordered a half order and a loaded cheeseburger.

Stookey's Family Dining, Thorntown, IndianaAnita ordered the tenderloin sandwich and a half order of rings.

Stookey's Family Dining, Thorntown, IndianaOur sandwiches were quite good. Cooked perfectly and topped with very fresh ingredients. Just what you would expect.

… and the onion rings? Oh me. Really, really good. I mean… just… make-you-cry good. I’d go back and just get a full order (see how big the half order is???) and just sit back and enjoy. And check out the perfect onion ring stacking. That’s not amateur stuff there, no.

Stookey's Family Dining, Thorntown, IndianaThroughout our meal our waitress kept us in drinks without being annoying. All in all, we had a great lunch at Stookey’s. My only complaint was the men’s restroom. It really needed to be cleaned (I’m fairly sure the ceiling light hadn’t been cleaned in a long, long time). Anita said the ladies room was acceptable. Besides that, we really enjoyed everything and we’d return.

On the ‘Mater Rater I gave Stookey’s high marks except for the condition of the bathroom:

'Mater Rater

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