Review: Let’s Grill! Best BBQ Recipes Box Set

Review: Let's Grill! Best BBQ Recipes Box SetThis right here is why we signed up for Kindle Unlimited, a subscription service from Amazon that gives us access to tons, and tons of eBooks for a low monthly fee. We use the heck out of our subscription. Let’s Grill isn’t just a book, it’s a massive 6-set volume of recipes and techniques for all things grilling. Considering how little we pay monthly for Kindle Unlimited, this set pays for our subscription for months just by itself.

Let’s Grill is divided into 6 books: Texas’ Best Secret BBQ recipes, Carolinas’ Best BBQ, Tennessee’s Best BBQ, Missouri’s Best BBQ, Alabama’s Best BBQ, and Hawaii Best BBQ. Each book has page after page of recipes, from rubs and seasonings, to sauces, to salads,, to sides, to main courses, to desserts. I didn’t count the recipes, but I think it’s safe to say the total is definitely into the hundreds.

The recipes in Let’s Grill are not complicated. They’re great for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned professional. It’s full of down-home backyard good stuff, the kind where you aren’t going to have trouble finding the ingredients and most likely have a lot of them already on hand.

Every recipe is accompanied by a picture. You know exactly what you’re getting yourself into with each one. Now, they aren’t big pictures, but they are good pictures. It’s no-nonsense collection of classics and some great twists on the classics. And hey, you can’t eat pictures!

I couldn’t be happier with Let’s Grill, even if it wasn’t free! I found tons and tons of new recipes and ideas to try. That’s a win-win, so it scores high on the ‘Mater Rater!

'Mater Rater
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