Swamp Sauce Smash Burgers

Oh man did these Swamp Sauce smash burgers ever hit the spot. Juicy patties. Crisp fresh toppings. All with a wonderful creamy sauce that is a combination of just about every good burger sauce you can think of. It’s got a little heat. It’s got a little sweet. A little tang. This will solve your … Continue reading “Swamp Sauce Smash Burgers”

The Best Char-Broil Big Easy Recipes

This is my list of my favorite things (so far!) to make on my Char-Broil Big Easy. Appetizers Bacon Jalapeno TotsJalapeno PoppersMexican Bean DipNachosPickle PoppersPotato SkinsRoasted Peanuts Main Dishes All-American MeatloafBeer n’ Butter TurkeyButtermilk-Marinated TurkeyCopycat Boston Market Tuscan Herb ChickenCrab LegsEasy Large TurkeyGarlic Lobster TailsHoney-Glazed HamHot DogsMaryland Pit BeefMini LasagnaNashville Hot ChickenOld School BBQ ChickenPrime … Continue reading “The Best Char-Broil Big Easy Recipes”

Crispy Parmesan Potatoes

We were looking for the perfect side for our Stove Top stuffing meatloaf. We thought perhaps it would be mashed potatoes. Creamy homemade mashed potatoes would definitely be good with the wonderful brown gravy from the meatloaf. But we both wanted something a little crunchy, something roasted… something with more flavor than ‘just’ mashed potatoes. … Continue reading “Crispy Parmesan Potatoes”

Spicy Meatballs

I always keep a few bags of homemade spicy meatballs on hand. Grab them out of the freezer, toss in some marinara sauce, serve over pasta… dinner in no time! I also use them to make super easy meatball sandwiches. And slice them in half to top a homemade pizza. They’re very versatile, easy to … Continue reading “Spicy Meatballs”

Twice Baked Potatoes on the Char-Broil Big Easy

These twice-baked potatoes made on the Char-Broil Big Easy were absolutely fantastic. I was already a big mashed potato fan before these came along. Now, I can’t get enough of them. The potatoes by themselves are divine. Creamy, smooth, tasty. Add a little rosemary for that special difference from ‘plain old’ potatoes. Top with cheese … Continue reading “Twice Baked Potatoes on the Char-Broil Big Easy”

Mini Lasagna using a Gas Grill

I’ve been addicted to my mom’s lasagna ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. My wife and I make my mom’s recipe often, though I admit we have changed it a bit over the years. And we sometimes even change up how we cook it. Usually, it’s baked in the oven. This time, we … Continue reading “Mini Lasagna using a Gas Grill”

Mini Lasagna on the Char-Broil Big Easy

My mom makes a fantastic lasagna. It has been my favorite since I was knee-high to a grasshopper (a little kid, that is!). We make it often, though we do make a slightly different version. Usually we bake it in the oven, but this time we decided to make mini lasagna on the Char-Broil Big … Continue reading “Mini Lasagna on the Char-Broil Big Easy”

Mock Bacon Filets

My wife loves filet mignon. On occasion I will grab an entire beef tenderloin and cut it into filets. But, let’s face it, filets aren’t the cheapest cut of meat. Not even close. That’s when it’s time to make these mock bacon filets. Mushroom-stuffed patties wrapped in bacon, topped with more mushrooms and a wonderful … Continue reading “Mock Bacon Filets”

Tangy Pit Beans

After I finish writing this post I will curl up in front of a big bowl of these tangy pit beans and go to town on them. I love baked beans, and this is a very, very good variation on the theme. They are not boring. They have just the right amount of tang. And … Continue reading “Tangy Pit Beans”

Tex-Mex Bacon Cheeseburgers

That’s it. I’m done. There’s absolutely no need for me to ever make any other hamburger patties besides the ones on these Tex-Mex bacon cheeseburgers. Sure, the cheese sauce is amazing (it’s actually a bit beyond amazing, and would also be fantastic on hot dogs), but the patties are the star of the show. Any … Continue reading “Tex-Mex Bacon Cheeseburgers”