Gaucho’s Fire Brazilian Food Truck

I’ve said it many times. I’ll take lunch off a food truck any day, any where. But nothing makes me happier than to see a truck pop up near my house. I’m like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. I just cannot wait to get there and order and get some great food. Lately, Gaucho’s Fire Brazilian food truck has been nearby. Though they’ve been around Indy for a while, I’ve kept missing the opportunity to catch them. Well, my luck has changed!Gaucho's Fire Brazilian Food TruckMy first visit to Gaucho’s Fire I had to order the #1, the Brazilian steak sandwich. I was blown away. Perfectly seasoned beef with onions, tomato, and a sauce that was lip-smacking delicious, this was my kind of sandwich. And the key? Great French bread. The kind that can hold up to all of those toppings and still taste fantastic. Yeah, you’re going to make a mess but it’s a good mess and worth it. Get the Brazilian steak sandwich. Oh, and ask for provolone cheese sauce too. Gaucho's Fire Brazilian Food TruckMy next visit, I got the #2, the Brazilian sausage sandwich. It’s similar to the #1, but with a wonderful grilled sausage instead of steak. And just like the steak sandwich, it’s fantastic. Equally messy, equally good. And of course, get the optional provolone cheese sauce!
Gaucho's Fire Brazilian Food Truck

Gaucho’s Fire Brazilian food truck rates high on my ‘Mater Rater. But you probably already knew that. I cannot wait to try the rest of the items on their menu, but also to devour my favorites again. And again. And say ‘Hi’ to the nice folks on the truck. You always get great service and great food!

'Mater RaterI love my Indianapolis food trucks. Sometimes they come and go, sometimes they turn into brick-and-mortar restaurants, sometimes their names change, and sometimes they last and last, serving up good food every time. Check out my favorites: Big Ron’s Bistro, Byrne’s Grilled Pizza, Chef Dan’s Southern Comfort, Citizen Hash, Cutie Pies, Der Pretzel Wagen, Droopy’s, KG Slider Station, Little Eataly, Mac Genie, R & R Extreme Wings, Rollin Wit Da Roux, Serendipity, The Flying Cupcake, NY Slice, Droopy’s BBQ and Groovy Guys Fries.