Review: American Stockyard Hot Dog Relishes

The condiment and sauce section at Jungle Jim’s International Market outside of Cincinnati is a thing to behold. I have no self control when I go there. None at all. And it usually pays off. Like the last time I went and picked up one each of American Stockyard’s hot dog relishes.

Available in four different flavors, New York Style, Four Pepper, Chicago Style and All-American, American Stockyard relishes don’t come in tiny dinky jars. Nope, they’re a whopping 12 ounces each. But really, even if they were 128 ounces each they’d still disappear fast around here. We do love our hot dogs and a good relish makes for a great hot dog.

New York Style: Close your eyes and take a bit of a dog loaded up with this relish and you’ll swear that you’re eating a NYC street dog. Kraut, onions and tons of spicy brown mustard. Perfect.

Four pepper: Definitely not concocted for those who want a bland relish, this bad boy combines jalapeno, cayenne, poblano, and chile peppers. It’s bordering on being a salsa so much that hey, I’d dip some chips in it without hesitating. Great on a tired old hot dog that needs a major kick.

Chicago-style: I love Chicago-style hot dogs. This relish combines all the flavors of the classic (peppers, onions, mustard, celery powder, and of course, poppy seed). Definitely one of my favorites, and one I’d buy again and again.

All-American (not shown in the picture): The perfect classic relish, combining all of my favorite ball park flavors: pickles, onions and mustards (two different kinds!). Everyone will enjoy this relish.

American Stockyard’s relishes rate high on my ‘Mater Rater. Great flavors for a great price. You can’t beat them!