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My love affair with dishes began when I was 6 years old and my Mommy gave me a little porcelain tea set for Christmas.  I played with that little tea set until it disintegrated.  Growing up we ate off of Fiesta dishes and I loved the bright colors and how beautiful our dinner table looked.  I always asked to eat off of the “orange” plate.

Red Fiesta

I began collecting Fiesta and other Homer Laughlin China Company (HLC) china in the late 80s.  I never met a dish I didn’t like.  I have Fiesta, Riviera, Harlequin, Rhythm and many other HLC items.  I belong to the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association (HLCCA) and help proof read their quarterly publication for members, The Dish. I also collect many of the HLCAA exclusive juice pitchers.

Most of my finds have come from antique stores, eBay, family and friends.  I love the thrill of the hunt and I love a good bargain.  I am a “plate flipper” which means if you eat out with me or invite me to your home for dinner, I will flip my plate over to see who the maker is.  Mike has gotten used to this practice.  I am also obsessed with mixing bowls and have quite a few.  I need to stop buying because I am running out of room, but I can’t seem to stop myself.  Mike suggested that I take pictures of my collection and write about it on our blog so My Dish Collection was born.

2 thoughts on “About My Dish Collection”

  1. Hello Anita,
    I really appreciate your dish collection and focus on Homer Laughlin sets. With your experience with this brand, I hope you can answer a question for me. I inherited a set of dishes from my Aunt, the Homer Laughlin Chinese Green Goddess set. They are in perfect condition and we are almost afraid to use them. Can you let me know if they can be put in a dishwasher or would you recommend against it. Also, are they microwave safe.

    1. Hi Carl,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      I have never heard of Green Goddess. Please feel free to send me a pic to see if I recognize them. As with any of my vintage dishes, I wash them by hand and never put in the microwave, but some collectors might disagree with me. Don’t be afraid to use them. I’m sure they will make a lovely table!

      Happy Dishing!


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