Homer Laughlin Suntone

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Here is my nice little collection of Suntone made by Homer Laughlin.  Suntone is the same shape as Skytone as I previously posted.  The shape is Jubilee.  As with Skytone, Suntone gets its color from the clay that was used to make it.  The clay was a terra-cotta brown and the glaze was clear.  Suntone was made in the 50s.  Shown is a teapot, creamer and sugar.  The teapot was one of my best finds, as it was a very good price and in mint condition.

Homer Laughlin Suntone

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  1. Thank you for sharing this photo of your Suntone collection. I picked up some NOS Skytone a few years ago, and am working toward completing a tea service…just a tea service. =)

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