Homer Laughlin Rhythm American Provincial

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Previously I posted some Rhythm dishes in the Rhythm Rose pattern from Homer Laughlin.  Rhythm comes in solid colors and with decals.  This pattern is called American Provincial. My plates are stamped with the year 1960.  Pictured are a teapot, salt and pepper shakers, dinner plate, sugar and creamer and cups and saucers.  I love the gold trim on some of the pieces.  The farmer and his wife and the hearts are so sweet!

Homer Laughlin Rhythm American Provincial

This picture shows my American Provincial spoon rest.  The spoon rest is one of my best finds since spoon rests got used and abused.  Mine looks as if it wasn’t ever used.

Homer Laughlin Rhythm American Provincial

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  1. Hi–I just stumbled on your blog when searching for Fiesta collectors…I love it!!

    I have several pieces of older Fiesta that I inherited from my grandmother and I want to sell it to someone who loves Fiesta (rather than putting it in a garage sale.) How can I find a dealer or collector that might like some of the pieces? Thanks for any leads you can provide!

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