Homer Laughlin Fiesta Creamers

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Here are some of my Fiesta creamers.  The Homer Laughlin China Company started producing the ring handle creamer in 1938 to replace the stick handle creamer.  Production continued until 1969.  Pictured are creamers in green, turquoise, yellow and Amberstone (brown).  Amberstone was introduced in 1967.  You can see the different handle on the Amberstone creamer.  Amberstone was produced for supermarket promotions and some large grocery store chains used it as a premium.

Homer Laughlin Fiesta Creamers

Homer Laughlin Fiesta Creamers

Homer Laughlin Fiesta Creamers

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2 thoughts on “Homer Laughlin Fiesta Creamers”

  1. Hi there,
    I’ve been wondering, I have a red creamer that looks just like the brown one in the last photo with the longer more stretched ring handle. There is no fiesta marking on the bottom. Is it truly fiesta? Are some fiesta pieces unmarked or do they usually have the Fiesta label on the bottom?
    Thanks so much for your time,

    1. Hi Rachel,

      My brown creamer was made around 1967. I would have to see a picture of your creamer to see if it is Fiesta. Not all Fiesta is marked on the bottom. Thanks for stopping by!


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