Homer Laughlin Skytone/Kraft Blue

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Here is my little collection of Skytone along with a couple of pieces of Kraft Blue by Homer Laughlin.  The color comes from the clay that was used in its production and it was made in the 50s.  It came in plain blue and with decals like mine.  I love this blue!  The first picture shows a platter, coffee pot (with the wrong lid, I’m still searching for the right one), sugar and creamer.  The sugar bowl in the center is Kraft Blue.

Homer Laughlin Skytone/Kraft Blue

This photo shows a Kraft Blue creamer and a Skytone gravy boat with attached under plate.

Homer Laughlin Skytone/Kraft Blue

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4 thoughts on “Homer Laughlin Skytone/Kraft Blue”

  1. I don’t know if you live near Dayton, but the Heirloom store (run by Dayton Hospice) has your coffeepot (just blue, no decal) with the right lid. I don’t remember how much they charged for it, but the covered casserole was only $9. The store is in the same shopping center as Big Lots.

    1. Aren’t they beautiful, Vicky? I love the creamy blue clay. These dishes were made with a blue clay instead of being glazed. They were then glazed with a clear glaze. I love the pieces I have and I am always looking for more:)

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