Candy Corn Covered Halloween Pumpkin

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My wife and I always come up with at least one pumpkin each Halloween. Sometimes we carve them. Sometimes we paint them (chalkboard paint works great and it gives kids something to write on). One year we had a self-serve pumpkin that was awesome. And this year… candy corn covered Halloween pumpkin! It’s awesome!

Candy Corn Covered Pumpkin

Oh, yes, it does take a while to make this pumpkin. We used a pretty big pumpkin, and it took about 2 hours for the two of us to complete, however we only had one glue gun. With two we could’ve cut the time in half I’m sure. It was worth the time, though. And yes, we did the back too!

Candy Corn Covered Pumpkin

We kept our pumpkin hidden inside until Halloween because I’m quite sure the squirrels or raccoons or something would come along and eat all the candy off of it!

Also make my easy owl pumpkin. It’s always a big hit!

PS: I like to roast my pumpkin seeds on Big Easy! They’re crazy delicious!

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Candy Corn Covered Halloween Pumpkin

Author Mike


  • 1 large pumpkin
  • glue gun
  • 8-10 glue sticks
  • 5 bags candy corn


  • Clean your pumpkin and dry it completely.
  • Fire up the gun and load it with glue.
  • Start by outlining the eyes, nose, and mouth with candy corn.
  • To apply the corn, squirt a 2″-3″ line of glue and quickly apply the corn. You want the corn to go on in fairly random patterns. Or not. It’s your pumpkin.
  • Now, just fill in the rest of the pumpkin with candy corn!

4 thoughts on “Candy Corn Covered Halloween Pumpkin”

    1. Hi. Boy… I can definitely see where the hot glue gun wouldn’t work for youngsters. Maybe Elmers white glue would work? It might start out a bit runny, so you might have to turn the pumpkin on it’s side to do a section at a time.


  1. I used canned non whipped ,non creamy icing , and it worked great! Kids did a great job decorating and licking their fingers. The icing held popcorn, tiny m and m, chocolate mints,slivered almonds, yarn for hair, craisins, mini marshmallows and oatmeal

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