Southern-Style Picnic Hot Dogs

Sure, these southern-style picnic hot dogs are easy to make. And they’re good! Nothing beats the crunchy coolness of a good slaw with the heat of a nice hot chili sauce! Yum! Nothing fancy, just great! Great for a big cookout or picnic, it doesn’t get any easier.

Southern-Style Picnic Hot DogsThis made for a quick dinner the other night. I used packaged slaw mix with Marzetti light slaw mix. While the dogs were grilling I warmed the chili.

Also try my delicious southwestern hot dog.

Southern-Style Picnic Hot Dogs

Author Mike


  • Hot dogs grilled
  • Hot dog buns toasted
  • Cold cole slaw
  • Canned hot chili without beans, heated


  • Serve dogs on buns, topped with cole slaw and chili!


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