Rotisserie Roasted Peanuts

For years I thought “Why in the world do I need a rotisserie for any of my grills?” Well, my 20 year old gas grill reached the end, and I decided to get a rotisserie with my new grill. And boy howdy am I so glad that I did! Besides making (of course) chicken and ham, I also get to make really cool treats, like these rotisserie roasted peanuts! These nuts are perfectly roasted, with just the right crunch and just the right grilled flavor.

Rotisserie Roasted Peanuts

The Perfect Snack

You can make rotisserie roasted peanuts on either a gas or charcoal grill. If you’re using a gas grill don’t be afraid to add a few chunks of wood to get a bit of a smoky flavor. Don’t go crazy with it, though. You can also use a smoke box loaded with wood pellets or wood shavings. You can soak the shavings in water for 30 minutes before to keep them smoking longer.

I have a Weber rotisserie. To make these peanuts I purchased a rotisserie basket. I’ve found it to be a must-have with a rotisserie. It’s perfect for potatoes, chiles and of course, peanuts! The link to the basket can be found below the recipe.

Also try my smoked peanuts.

Rotisserie Roasted Peanuts
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Rotisserie Roasted Peanuts

These nuts are perfectly roasted, with just the right crunch and just the right grilled flavor.

Course Appetizer
Cuisine American
Keyword peanuts, rotisserie
Cook Time 25 minutes
Cool time 10 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Servings 8 servings
Calories 485kcal



  • Fire up your grill with the rotisserie. You want the temperature at the rotisserie to be around 350 F.
  • Place the peanuts in your roasting basket and place onto the grill. Roast for 20-25 minutes or until the shells start to turn darker in color. Do not let them get dark brown.
  • Remove and sprinkle with salt. Let cool slightly then serve.


Calories: 485kcal | Carbohydrates: 13g | Protein: 22g | Fat: 42g | Saturated Fat: 7g | Sodium: 19mg | Potassium: 633mg | Fiber: 8g | Calcium: 90mg | Iron: 3.3mg

Nutritional values are approximate.