Fire-Eater Reverse-Seared Prime Rib

Oh pinch me. Just pinch me. I thought I was dreaming when I first took a bite of fire-eater reverse-seared prime rib. Beyond flavorful. Beefy. Juicy. Cooked perfectly even throughout. And just a hint of spicy from the fire-eater rub. Truly an epic dinner, and just enough for the two of us. And fortunately, this approach can easily be scaled to any size roast that will still fit on your grill.

Reverse-searing requires that you cook the meat fully over a fairly low heat. This ensures that the meat cooks evenly. With high heat the outer edges will cook first, before the inside. Once the meat is almost done the grill is cranked to absolutely maximum temperature and the roast is then quickly seared on each side. This adds a great crust and grill flavor. Perfect.
Fire-Eater Reverse-Seared Prime Rib
If you are hoping to get some drippings to make au jus to go with the roast, set an aluminum pan underneath the meat while cooking. You’ll have to use a pan that is only as big as the roast, as the drippings will burn if the pan is too close to the heat source. I didn’t have a pan that would work, so instead I made my just-as-good homemade au jus.

Also try my grilled rib roast with gravy. Same idea, but not reverse-seared or as spicy but oh so good.

Fire-Eater Reverse-Seared Prime Rib

Cooking times will vary on the size of the roast. Count on around 20 minutes per pound, plus at least 30 minutes resting time. I made this on a gas grill because it's easier to get it to a high enough temperature to sear the meat in the end. If you are using charcoal you'll want to have a chimney or two of lit, ot coals on hand to help speed up the searing process.
Course Main
Cuisine American
Prep Time 13 hours
Total Time 13 hours
Author Mike



  • Rub the roast with the rub. If the bones have been cut from the roast but are tied back on, sprinkle some rub in between the meat and the bones.
  • Wrap in foil and place in the fridge for 12 hours.
  • The day of cooking, remove the roast from the foil and let sit at room temperature for 1 hour.
  • Fire up your grill for indirect 225 F cooking.
  • Place the roast over indirect heat and cook until the meat is within 10 degrees of your desired temperature. Desired temperatures for beef are below, so just subtract 10 from the one you want (Rare - 120 F, Medium Rare - 130 F, Medium - 140 F, Medium Well - 155 F, Well Done - 170 F).
  • Remove meat from grill and cover in foil while you crank up your grill as high as it'll go, at least 500 F.
  • Return meat to grill over direct heat and sear on each side for 1 minute.
  • Remove, cover in foil and let rest 30 minutes before slicing and serving.

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