Smoked Spiral Hot Dogs

What fun these smoked spiral hot dogs were to make and devour! I’ve made spiral dogs before, but this technique is much better than my old way. The key is inserting a skewer thru the dogs to keep them together after slicing. And of course, the skewer keeps you from slicing in too far. I smoked my spiral dogs, but you could just as easily grill them.
Anita and I recently ran across The Mustard Man at an event at the Jungle Jim’s market in Fairfield, OH. After sampling each of mustard I instantly picked up a bottle of each one. They are truly fantastic. I squeezed a bit of the Simple Pepper and Simply Maple on each of our spiral dogs. The mustard runs down into the spirals, filling each bite with mustardy goodness. We cannot recommend The Mustard Man’s mustard enough!

Smoked Spiral Hot Dogs
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: American
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • Large hot dogs
  • Wooden or bamboo skewers
  • Your favorite rub or seasoning (I used my Fire-Eater seasoning)
  1. Fire up your smoker for 225 F. You can also make these hot dogs on a grill
  2. Carefully guide the skewer through the center of the hot dogs. If you get the skewer crooked at it pokes out of the side of the dog just pull it back and try again. I found that laying the hot dogs down on a flat surface and sliding the skewer in from the side, parallel to the counter top, worked best.
  3. Lay the skewered dog down onto a cutting board or flat surface.
  4. Holding a knife at a 45 degree angle, starting at one end of the dog, cut into the dog down to the skewer. Start rolling the hot dog, keeping the knife inserted into the hot dog, making cuts that are about 1/2" apart. Continue rolling and cutting until you reach the other end of the hot dog.
  5. Gently pull the dog apart, separating the cuts. Be careful, you don't want to break it.
  6. Sprinkle with your favorite seasoning.
  7. Place dogs onto the smoker and smoke for 2 hours. If grilling grill until done as desired.
  8. Serve hot.

Spiraled Hot Dogs

Just tossing a few dogs on the grill is a quick way to get dinner done. But those plain-old looking dogs can get mighty boring after a while. Of course you can put all sorts of fancy toppings on them (my favorite is the Chicago dog or just chili, onions and cheese).

Spiraled Hot DogsAnother simple way to visually jazz them up is to score them in a spiral pattern, making spiraled hot dogs. This not only looks cool, it also gives your condiments a way to hold on to the dog.

To make the spiral, just start on one end with a sharp knife held at a 30-to-45 degree angle (the sharper the angle, the less spirals you’ll get) and start to rotate the dog. I find it’s easier to do with the dog standing up on one end. Start at the top with the knife, rotating the dog until the knife gets to the bottom.

For an extra flash, score the ends with a ‘+’ sign, 1/4″-1/2″ deep.

Grill the dogs until they puff up pretty and golden brown!

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