Grilled Boston Hot Dogs

Ya know, I love hot dogs. Any way, any time. After recently making some grilled Chicago dogs and Seattle Dogs, I decided I had to make grilled Boston hot dogs next. They’re super easy, and very, very tasty.

Grilled Boston Hot DogsYou can’t beat the combination of hot dog relish, baked beans, chopped onions, mustard, and ketchup. There’s an explosion of flavor in every bite, but they’re still simple dogs. You could easily throw all of the ingredients into a small cooler and head to the local park and grill up a quick tasty lunch.

I used Hebrew National’s jumbo beef franks for these grilled Boston hot dogs. They have great flavor.

Also try my grilled cheesy hot dogs with onions.

Grilled Boston Hot Dog

Course Main
Cuisine American
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Author Mike


  • Hot dogs grilled
  • Hot dog buns warmed or steamed if desired
  • Baked beans warmed
  • White onion chopped
  • Hot dog relish
  • Prepared yellow mustard
  • Ketchup


  • Place the dogs in the buns and top with the beans, onion, relish, mustard and ketchup.
  • Enjoy!

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