Garlic-Q Wings

Alliger’s House of Wings has some of most awesome wing sauces I’ve ever had. I just cannot get enough of them. The other really cool thing about Alliger’s is that their website has simple recipes for combining their sauces to make new flavors. Like these Garlic-Q wings. It’s a wonderful combination of, you guessed it, … Continue reading “Garlic-Q Wings”

Buffalo Sauce-Injected Wings

Buffalo sauce-injected wings. Yep, you read that correctly! Oh how many thousands of wings have I eaten? I sure do love my wings. But you know, maybe a little something was missing. Once you get inside the wing, well, there’s just chicken. Good tasty moist chicken, sure. But no sauce. What if instead of tossing … Continue reading “Buffalo Sauce-Injected Wings”

Rotisserie Chicken Wings

I have cooked my share of wings and then some. On my Char-Broil Big Easy. And on a smoker. Sometimes, on a charcoal grill using the Vortex BBQ. Deep fried. Slow cooked. Any way, any time, I do love wings. Heck, I even put together a free eCookbook full of wings, using homemade and store-bought … Continue reading “Rotisserie Chicken Wings”

Copycat Buffalo Wild Wings Mango Habanero Sauce

Don’t fear the habanero. Don’t worry about the heat. Well, ok, maybe a little. But it’s really tamed by the fantastic mango sauce. This copycat Buffalo Wild Wings Mango Habanero sauce might well be the perfect combination of sweet and heat. This is what Buffalo wing sauce wants to be when it grows up. It … Continue reading “Copycat Buffalo Wild Wings Mango Habanero Sauce”

House of Wings Southern Wing Sauce

Alliger’s House of Wings sauces are incredible. They set the bar high. So high that I’m spoiled by every sauce I’ve had. Like this House of Wings Southern wing sauce. It’s a different flavor than your traditional ‘normal’ wing sauces. It’s got a bit of spiciness to it, but not too much. The spices are … Continue reading “House of Wings Southern Wing Sauce”

BBQ Ranch Wings

I have been enjoying the heck out of the flavors of wing sauces I picked up from the House of Wings. Each and every one has been fantastic. Another cool thing about House of Wings is that on their website they have recipes for using their sauces and a few other simple ingredients to create … Continue reading “BBQ Ranch Wings”

Angry Whopper Sauce

Burger King recently came out with their Angry Whopper. It’s loaded with all darned near everything you can imagine, from jalapenos to onion petals to bacon. And angry sauce. Now, I didn’t set out to make the Angry Whopper at home. I was after the Angry Whopper sauce. And I found it. Wonderfully spicy and … Continue reading “Angry Whopper Sauce”

Chik’N-Lik’N Chicken Wings

Just because it doesn’t say ‘wing sauce’ on the label doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be good on wings. And actually, Chik’N-Lik’N chicken wings aren’t just good. They’re flat-out delicious. I devoured these wings like I hadn’t eaten in weeks. A little savory, with a light mustardy tang and just a bit of spiciness, … Continue reading “Chik’N-Lik’N Chicken Wings”

Moore’s Asian Teriyaki Wings

Whoa back up the truck to teriyaki yumminess! We both loved the heck out Moore’s Asian Teriyaki wing sauce. Though the bottle says you can use the sauce on anything from vegetables to stir-fry to whatever, the sauce was amazing on wings. Not overly sweet as teriyaki sauce can sometimes be. Not overloaded with soy … Continue reading “Moore’s Asian Teriyaki Wings”

House of Wings Singapore Wing Sauce

I ordered a box full of Alliger’s House of Wings’ sauces. Never have I been happier with an online order. These sauces are incredibly good. Perfect consistency, perfect flavors and the perfect spiciness. Nothing but delicious. Like the House of Wings Singapore wing sauce. Although the sauce is based on traditional Buffalo wing flavor, it … Continue reading “House of Wings Singapore Wing Sauce”