Balsamic Pretzel Bites

My goodness. Putting a bowl of these balsamic pretzel bites in front of me requires me to exercise self-control like I’ve rarely been forced to do before. Balsamic pretzel bites are a totally different take on the usual salty, often … Continue reading

Spicy Garlic Ranch Pretzel Bites

These yummy spicy garlic ranch pretzel bites are a different take on our bacon cheddar bites. I wanted to try something with a little more kick, and these have it. You really cannot stop eating them. They’re dangerous.You can make … Continue reading

Kernel Season’s – Bacon Cheddar (on pretzel pieces)

After making some highly-addicting oyster cracker snacks using Kernel Season’s nacho cheddar seasoning, I decided I’d try to make a flavorful snack out of their bacon cheddar flavor. These bacon cheddar pretzel bites disappear in seconds. They’re very, very good. … Continue reading

Reindeer Noses

Oh yummy! Fun-to-eat (and make!) Reindeer noses make for great holiday treats! We love making a big ole batch of ‘noses’ and sharing them with Anita’s co-workers. How can you make these without smiling? How can you eat them without … Continue reading